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North America Golf
North America offers a wide variety of golf and scenery, from golfing on the shores of the Atlantic or Pacific oceans to golfing in deserts or on a mountainside.

The United States is a major golf destination, it has more golf courses than any other country, the United States also has a surprisingly long golfing tradition. The formation of the United States Golf Association in 1894 was predated only by that of Ireland's Golf Union.

The United States of America is a wonderful golfing playground. Wherever you travel there are literally hundreds of golf courses and the vast majority is only too pleased to welcome visitors. With so many courses to choose from standards have to be high to survive. There is an abundance of land on this huge continent and some of the golfing layouts sweep across vast tracts of wild terrain; others are residential developments with high quality housing backing onto the fairways. In the warmer regions the courses are generally constructed of Bermuda style grasses - which take a little getting used to (especially the rough). Among the most popular states for golfing and golf holidays are: FloridaCalifornia and Hawaii.


There are more than 150 golf courses in Mexico. Most of the major golf resorts are situated in the coastal lowland areas, where climate is tropical. The golf courses in Mexico are among the very best in North America, add to this the startling beauty of the country surrounding the golf courses with breathtaking views and challenging water and vegetation hazards. Not surprisingly Mexico is the number two worldwide golf destination for U.S. golfers, right behind Hawaii.

In Canada, mountains, oceans and arctic tundra form the backdrop to challenging fairways and immaculate greens. Golfers from all over the world come to Canada to discover how spectacular the fairways and greens are, and they are finding quality golf in stunning natural beauty. In the far north you can play all night under the warm glow of the midnight sun.


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