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Golf in France

Golf has grown hugely in France since the early 1980s, and there are now more than 650 courses spread over most of the country.

Paris and the surrounding region of Ile de France have some of the country's finer and more famous courses including Fontainbleau and Golf National, home to the Frensh Open. To the west, Normandy and Brittany are dotted with charming seaside courses and holiday towns, such as Trouville, Deauville, Granville and La Baule.

There are many courses in the south-west especially around the cities of Biarritz and Bordeaux. Many of the courses are adjacent to the large rivers which flow through the area. South West France has a long tradition of playing golf, the course at Pau-Billere being the oldest club in continental Europe.
Provence and the Côte d'Azur are also among the regions where most of the golf courses are located. This area is ideal for a golf holiday with near-guarantied sunshine all year round. Even the French Alps have emerged as a golfing destination with a number of mountain courses including some on the ski slopes which open only in summer.

Most courses in France are open throughout the year although some close during the winter due to ground conditions. Others close in the mid-winter for a month or so to allow for course work and recovery of greens and fairways.

French golf courses tend not to be so crowded and usually it is not difficult to get a tee time. Often there is plenty of space in front of you and behind you while playing golf, and two-balls visitors do not have to consolidate to make four-balls. In a French golf club you, are not considered as a visitor but as a member for the day. After eighteen holes in the morning, you will have the opportunity to play a free extra round in the afternoon on most French golf courses.


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