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Location is an important attribute to which close attention should be paid when contemplating a golf villa rental, as the wrong location can prove a major disadvantage.

With many wonderful properties from which to choose, it is little surprise that increasing numbers of people are discovering the joys of renting a golf villa for their holiday. However, the choice of this type of accommodation is accompanied by advantages and disadvantages.

A major advantage to consider when opting for renting a golf villa is the higher level of privacy, flexibility and freedom that a golf villa provides, when compared to a room at a hotel. A golf villa offers a good deal more "private" space, making the whole experience far more pleasant than the hustle and bustle of a busy hotel. Depending on the exact choice of golf villa, features may include gardens, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, barbecue and patio area, offering all the home comforts and more besides. 

From the perspective of cost, renting a golf villa compares very favorably with staying at a hotel. As well as the above-mentioned privacy / space considerations, the option of "eating in," at least some of the time, makes staying at a golf villa great value.

Additionally, modern golf villas tend to have a full range of up-to-date features and equipment. The vast majority of golf villas feature a fully-equipped kitchen, with a complete set of modern appliances. This allows those staying at the villa to set their own mealtimes, which is especially useful when a holiday party comprises both golfers and non-golfers, who may wish to eat at different times. The lack of specific hotel mealtimes also means that all the local eateries are available to villa renters wishing to eat out. For entertainment, most modern villa accommodation includes televisions, DVD players and Wi-Fi Internet access.
A major downside to renting a golf villa is the lack of standards that such properties are required to meet. Different villas may have virtually identical prices, but this is no guarantee whatsoever of the respective qualities of the properties and the facilities on offer. Before renting a golf villa, it is wise to do some research into precisely what is offered to ensure good value for money.
A further disadvantage, especially for groups of golfing buddies, is that renting a villa requires someone to cook and clean, unless the party intend to eat out for the entirety of their stay and there are cleaning staff available.
Safety considerations may be a further disadvantage to golf villa rental. For example, families that have small children will find that a swimming pool presents a major danger and children will need careful and constant supervision.
Ideally, a rental golf villa should be located within walking distance of bars, restaurants and other amenities. However, as this is not always possible, the villa should be as close as possible to required facilities. Otherwise, it is possible to waste a great deal of leisure time driving and using up the financial savings offered by golf villa rental.

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